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LifeGroups are the hub of community and discipleship at Mountain View Church, because while you can learn a lot of information in rows, transformation happens best in circles.

LifeGroups are groups of 6-12 people that meet weekly. Some meet here at the church building.. Others meet in one another’s homes or at another location. There are 3 different kinds of groups to choose from - SOCIAL, STUDY, & SUPPORT (see form below for description). Our prayer is that whatever group you choose, you would experience an environment of belonging, spiritual growth, and genuine care.

Groups typically meet for 8 week cycles, with new cycles usually launching in the Fall, after the New Year, and in the Spring. Most groups are based on discussing the sermon from that week and and applying it to our daily lives. The discussion questions are provided in the weekly bulletin or online with the sermon recording. Beyond sharing life and studying the Bible together, group members also serve in at least one project of their choosing.

Find your group or get more info by using the sign up form below: